What Does Short Pain Bot Do?

Short Pain Bot covers all things short. First, it acts as a short screener for experienced investors to find potential short squeezes. Second, it shows short pain, a new metric that helps investors gauge how much shorts are losing on various timescales. Third, it shows short interest, short percent, and relevant short interest data according to the latest IEX and IEX vendor data. With the data, investors can keep tabs on short activity for their favorite stocks. Fourth, it has a set of educational articles for investors to learn more about short selling and short squeezes. Fifth, it provides gratis to users an earnings calendar that allows investors to quickly scan for upcoming earnings releases of stocks with relatively high short interest to float. Finally, it shows various technical and institutional indicators as well as news for investors to better understand their investments.

Potential Short Squeeze Screener

Short Pain Bot looks for stock movement among high short percent stocks according to the latest IEX vendor data, and filters the movement to show only stocks rallying above a certain percentage, thus showing users potential short squeezes in play. The website offers users options to filter by market cap and only show small market cap sized companies, medium market cap sized companies, or large cap market sized companies.

Pro users can also see stocks rallying in near-real time over the last fifteen minutes, and see what institutions or other traders have been recently buying.

Short Pain

Short Pain Bot quantifies short pain by showing how much shorts have lost on paper on a daily timeline according to the latest IEX and IEX vendor data. It also shows hypothetical losses for shorts that have initiated their positions in previous timelines, such as 5 days before, or at the beginning of the year. Investors can use the data to gauge how much pain weak hands are taking.

Short Interest Data

Short Pain Bot shows the latest short data for stocks according to IEX and its vendors. This includes the latest short interest, short interest to float, and short ratio metrics. Investors can use the metrics to better judge the potential for a short squeeze and grasp what professional investors are thinking.

Educational Articles

Short Pain Bot also includes a list of educational articles for investors to better learn about short selling, short squeezes, and short pain.

Earnings Calendar

Short Pain Bot shows an earnings calendar of stocks with upcoming earnings releases that have relatively high short interest to float percent. High short percent plus a super earnings report could potentially lead to a short squeeze.

Technical and Institutional Data + News

Short Pain Bot also has a set of technical indicators that shows whether a stock is technically bullish such as whether a stock is above its 200 day simple moving average or is near the 52 week high, etc. Also included is institutional and insider data as well as relevant news for a stock.

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